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Neil Robertson
Isle of Skye
IV43 8QX

Tel: 01471 833296


Neil Robertson Associates

Any successful strategy must accommodate today's business functions and practical needs and link these through defined and measured steps to achieve defined goals: whilst clearly focused, a sustainable strategy must envisage, react to, and accommodate any 'cause and effect' implications along its path.

Wise investment in an astute, innovative and focused Marketing & Public Relations application is proven to significantly enhance business performance. Neil Robertson Associates only construct strategies linked to measurable achievement in 'added value' and profit performance.

Whether your business is embryonic or established, small, medium, large, national or multi-national, is immaterial; our own achievements in enhancing clients' business performance, image and profitability across a range of differing sized organisations within both the private and public sectors, prove we have the expertise to match both your immediate needs and strategic ambitions.

We consult, guide, and advise mainly but not exclusively upon the following:

  •   Market identification, research & analysis
  •   Marketing communications & support
  •   Corporate & client communication strategies
  •   New media & social network marketing strategies
  •   Corporate image creation & public awareness campaigns
  •   Media management & manipulation guidance
  •   Lobbying strategies within local, regional, & national government agencies
  •   Niche & vertical marketing strategies
  •   Brand creation, consolidation & brand linkage strategy
  •   Advertising copy & media placement strategies

Irrespective of your business size or sector of operation it remains highly likely that the majority of daily management effort will be spent in reacting to the immediate challenges of your customer base, with little practical time being directed towards the essential disciplines of creating and constructing business development strategies that will either enhance profitability, 'add value', and/or generate new business opportunities - these too often remain on individual's and corporate 'to do' lists.

Neil Robertson Associates will redress this imbalance by offering an objective view as to where greater profits and new opportunities may be found. We will work with you to identify and prioritise low cost but high yield marketing and public relations initiatives by tailoring effective and measurable strategies; then assist with the necessary collective leadership to implement these agreed criteria for both the enhanced profitability of your immediate business operation, and for your enterprises' future ambitions.